4. What We Do

The staff and volunteers of Ambassadors of Reconciliation Ministries will provide directly, and coordinate and train volunteers and churches to provide:

  • Evangelism, discipleship, teaching and mentoring among inmates, including teaching inmates to evangelize, disciple, teach and mentor others. We recruit people to come into the jail to minister to groups on the Butte County Jail’s Thursday evening ministry opportunity.  We also recruit and train volunteers to disciple and mentor inmates one-on-one on the glass during the week, through our Certified Jail Minister program.
  • Referral to clean and sober housing, addiction recovery programs, job and life skills training to help inmates transition into productive life patterns when released back into the community.
  • Compassion ministry to inmates’ families.
  • A voice of advocacy, perspective and exhortation in our Butte County churches and community, to:
    – awaken us to the needs of local prisoners
    – encourage and model ways that individuals
    and churches facilitate God’s transformation
    of our community – offender relationship.